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6 September 2015

The Gospel: Mc 7,31-37

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you will find texts, the areas are: Prayer, Young, Boys, Tutors, Adults, Families, Presentation in PP, Lectio Divine, School works, and many others materials to discover!
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6706 images for you, divided in areas: paintings for the Sundays of the three liturgical Years, Bible, Gospel, Eucharist, Sacraments, Mary, Christmas, Easter, Rosary, Simbols, The Way of the Cross and more!

No more scissors and glue; when you have to organize meetings or prayer meetings, you will find here 3313 scraps divided in experiences, prayers, tales, texts with a easy and useful thematic index and search engine for words, themes and authors.
This is a section born first of all to enjoy the Sunday Gospel, it contains 32811 comments to the Gospel and the Bible divided and listed for Gospel text of Liturgic feast that you can easily look for. These are useful for priests as a hint or starting point for homilies, and for everyone to reflect on the Gospel
Sometimes important and intensive faith experiences can born by a simple but effective idea: we thought this place in order to give the opportunity to share all the simple ideas that enliven our celebrations, our preachers and speakers, our catechesis and our religious communities. At the moment are 194.
784 games to choose according to the players, the place and the aim of the play, with the information on the necessary material and on its educational values.
A lot of beautiful photos suitable to illustrate Psalms or passage from the Gospel.

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